About Us

  • height adjustable tables

ISE Group Inc. was founded in 1975 and quickly developed a reputation for improving the workplace experience by designing and manufacturing unique products.  Over the years, we developed an extensive line of height adjustable tables, multi-function desks, monitor support systems and a full range of ergonomic and office accessories.

In April 2016, ISE was purchased by Workrite Ergonomics llc, the California based industry leader in ergonomic products and solutions for business.  At that time, the company began operating under the legal name of Workrite Ergonomics Canada, Inc. 

The ISE brand continues to be a very important part of our business and we are proud to carry forward the company’s long history of consistently delivering quality products and superior customer service before and after the sale.

Our customer list includes State and Federal Governments, Fortune 1000 companies and major educational institutions across North America.